Kinkoen signboard

 is often asked by those who come to the workshop. The signboard in front of this workshop was written by Koyo Shimizu, a former resident of Todaiji Hogonin. I wrote it by chance because of an acquaintance's introduction, but unfortunately he died in 2005. However, one day, one of the customers who came to the workshop happened to have his son. It seems that the other side did not know my father until I came to the workshop and I did not think that this was also a child, but I think that the one I met was exactly the one that I linked with him. It is the edge connected to the signboard and sumi, but I will continue to value the signboard written by Mr. Shimizu. Kinkoen is located in the middle of Nara city. There is a studio in the same way as a normal private house, and it is decorated casually inside it, so it may be easy to miss if you pass in front of the workshop, but when you come to the workshop, please come to the signboard Please take a look.

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