“People of Nara Sumi”

◆ "People of Nara Sumi"
"People of Nara Sumi" has been posted on Kinkoen website since last year. I want the public to know a little about people involved in sumi making, which is a local industry in Nara that has been going on for hundreds of years, and usually do not appear on the stage. I started posting it to deepen my understanding of. I am writing articles while interviewing with people who have cooperated outside. I am writing articles for people who are not familiar with calligraphy, but who are not familiar with sumi in general and who are going to know about sumi and calligraphy in the future There is no depth or beauty that comes out. However, I would appreciate it if you read this article and as many as you can get interested in Nara sumi. You can only update once every few months at this time, but in the future we will be posting about once every two months so please look forward to it.

Kinkoen WEB site "People of Nara Sumi"


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