Nara sweet and Sumi -③

◆ Kinkoen confectionery wood pattern sumi

Kinkoen also has ink related to sweets. That is the “confectionery wood type sumi”. The raw sumi before hardening is directly inserted into the shape of the rakugan and the shape is set. After that, the sumi is dried by a special method different from ordinary ink. The finished sumi is just sweets. However, it is a black candy because it is made with sumi. Naturally, you can't eat it, but it's a fun and unique lucky motif, so you can buy it as a souvenir and it's popular with visitors. Please take a look when you come to Kinkoen's workshop.

Mysterious relationship between Nara sumi and sweets. I think it was an inevitable encounter in the ancient city of Nara, which has history and culture, and spent the same era.

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