KINKOEN is visited by a large number of foreigners every year from overseas for the purpose of purchasing the "Gripped sumi experience" and ink at the workshop. Thanks to that, I am thankful to receive thank you letters, emails, and gifts from around the world. The other day, a new year's card arrived from Robert from Poland last year. (Is it true that there is a New Year's card in Poland in the first place?) Mr. Robert, I heard that calligraphy was originally done in my own country, but I will show you that the new year's card sent was wonderful. . The characters and pictures are written in ink, and the signatures are made by hand. Just a great word. It's up to you to think that you're just an apprentice to sumi ink workshop.

KINKOEN conducts "Gripped sumi experience" in the studio throughout the year. Please come after booking.



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